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For the first 45 minutes of class, the students worked on integrating their premade animals with the NXT brick and motors.  This did not work very well for most of the groups, who struggled with attaching the motors to the brick and therefore were not able to focus on the inclusion of their animal into the structure. Another problem was that some students tried to incorporate the animal and the motors at the same time, instead of working to get the motors attached first. We decided during the class to stop the mostly unproductive work at that point and bring in a model next week so the process could be much more efficient.  

The last 15 minutes were spent on a discussion introducing sensors.  We started by talking about what senses Nemo from "Finding Nemo" has, and what they are used for.  Next, we had them try to remember what NXT sensors were available based on their limited use of them last semester.  Finally, we had a discussion introducing the final project in which they brainstormed ways that classroom stimuli and NXT sensors could be used to imitate an aquatic animal's interaction with its environment.  This discussion generally went well, apart from the usual trouble of a small amount of students doing all of the talking.

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