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We started with a review of structure and function from the last lesson, then let them work with the NXT kits to start building their animal models. For this lesson they used Legos from the kit but did not incorporate the NXT block or motors. We didn't give them any direction on how to build their animals, but we told them to make the models as anatomically accurate as possible. If there was time at the end of the lesson we planned to have them critique each other's designs and start working on improving them.

Some difficulty arose in that there were not enough basic lego blocks in the NXT kits to allow the kids to construct the animal designs they had thought of the week before.  Ideally we would have brought in some basic lego blocks and plates to supplement the more complicated and specific NXT pieces.   Because the time was cut short due to a celebration in the school, we decided to give them further construction time next week, for which we will bring in a variety of basic lego pieces to add to their animals.

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