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  • Walton Fall 2012 Outline
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3d Printing Curriculum

Question: what is 3D printing, what is CAD, how do engineers make things

Goal: answer questions, develop knowledge of TinkerCad, create a design in CAD that can be 3D printed

Week 1:

  • Observation

Week 2:

  • Overview of 3d printing and Cad
    • Examples of other small additive processes
      • Oreos- additive layers
      • Demo?
  • Drawing pictures of real things
  • 3D geometry cubes, spheres

Week 3:

  • Drawing simple objects
  • Small pieces of lego make up bigger shapes
  • Make objects using 1x1 bricks
    • 1x1 bricks represent the little pieces of plastic from 3d printer

Week 4:

  • Introduce TinkerCAD
  • Pre cut paper shapes that build into 3D shapes
  • Play on computers with TinkerCAD
  • Talk about making simple shapes in TinkerCAD

Week 5:

  • Draw a picture on paper of simple object shape
  • Make that shape in TinkerCAD

Week 6:

  • Draw a design of a more complicated shape
  • Make the shape in TinkerCAD

Week 7:

  • Revise shapes to make them printable
  • 3D printer 
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