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Activity Name:

Service Learning Project

How long did it take?

3 Weeks


For each group: This Depends on the Class

Vocabulary to know about for this activity:
Engineering Design Process

Background/Things to know about for this activity:
We essentially let the kids decide for themselves what was a problem in the school and then let them try to decide how to fix it. This project was done over the course of three weeks. 

Week 1: We allowed the students to brainstorm about what problems there were around the school and then we chose the top three - four problems that students were most concerned about.

Week 2: We assigned three mini projects to groups of 3-4. The problems we were trying to address were: how there are never pencils in the room, how students sometimes climb the bathroom stalls and look over at each other while they're using the bathrooms, and how the plants outside the classroom are dying. They spent this class time brainstorming about how to fix the problem and what materials they would need. Each group was required to send us a list of materials that they wanted (we told them crafts supplies online) by the end of the class.

Week 3: We let the kids try and implement the solution to the problem. 

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