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Week 1 (2/13): Water Filter

            Students will build a water filter using a given set of material and test the efficiency of their filter.

Week 2 (2/27): Ramp Rollers

            Students will build a car and slide them down a ramp to make them go as far as possible and learn about friction.

Week 3 (3/5): Sailboats

            Students will attach sails made of different materials to the cars they built from the previous week.

Week 4 (3/12): Parachutes

Students will select one type of paper for their parachute (i.e. tissue paper, napkin, paper towel, etc.) based on what they think will work best.  The students will make a parachute with the paper and string and attach a weight.  The students will then test their parachute.  

Week 5(4/2): Tower

Students will use pasta and marshmallow to build the tallest tower.

Week 6 (4/9): Project

            Students will be asked to come up with a challenge that they want to solve based on their daily lives. They will then come up with a solution and list the required materials. They will plan out their design.

Week 7(4/16): Continue with project

            Students will be given the materials that they requested and they can build and design their proposed solution. 

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