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  • SPRING 2013 - Winship School
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January 29

Classroom Observation

February 5

Silly Walks

February 12

NEMO Storm

February 19

February Break

February 26

Silly Walks

March 5

Door Alarm - Build a safe place for Mr. Care Bear to live at the ZOO (Craft Materials)

March 12

Door Alarm - Program an alarm to sound when the door of the bear cage opens.

March 19


March 26

Door Alarm - Continued

April 2

Google Earth - How do engineers create google earth and How do they use google earth to solve complex problems? Where are good regions to place solar and wind energy based on global sun and wind patterns?

April 9

Fan - Build a LEGO Fan

April 16

Winship April Break

April 23

Fan - Program your fan to have an on/off switch and 3 different fan speeds

May 1

Presentations - What makes your fan unique? How did you build the fan? What is one thing you would do to change your fan if you could redesign?

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