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How can the EDP or engineering design practices be incorporated into this activity?

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  1. We started the lesson by describing a class field trip to the Sahara Desert. The whole class is very hot and there is no water but there happens to be an outlet nearby. We need something to cool us down using the power source and some LEGOs! We wanted to be able to turn on and off this contraption with the touch of a button, to save energy, of course. The kids had a great time making and programming the fans, which was such a surprise to us because it was such a simple and almost boring machine. It was the most engaging lesson we had had so far! Many students used gears and attached plates to them as the blades which worked just fine. One pair of girls used the motion sensor to trick their classmates that their fan could listen to them. Each time they said "stop," they would bow their head in front of the sensor. This activity was a lot of fun and the students really enjoyed it.