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Welcome to Mr. Wairi's Wiki Page!

Spring 2013

Fellows: Samir Chowdhury and Pamela Anderson

Semester Outline

 This semester, we are following a 10-week service learning unit developed by Jessica Swenson for her research on engineering education. Each class is heavily documented by taking video footage and pictures of the students at work. Please get in touch with Jess Swenson if you would like to view this footage.

Week 1: Watch and discuss IDEO video. Pick out specific parts of the process used by the IDEO people to introduce the engineering design process. Note: we used a modified, school-appropriate version of the IDEO video.

Week 2: Walk around the school building and list problems that need to be solved. Return to the classroom and pick out the problems that are more appropriate for engineering. 

Week 3: Students pick out two problems that are important to them. Use brainstorming worksheet to write down the problem, the people affected by the problem, the possible solutions, and some ways to test the solutions.

Week 4: 

Fall 2012

Fellows: Samir Chowdhury and Pamela Anderson

Semester Outline
This semester we followed a testing unit that was modified to fit our time constraints.  We picked a theme at the beginning of the semester to have all of our testing activities be centered around cars.

-Week 1: Spaghetti and Marshmallow Activity to introduce building concepts

-Week 2: Brought in Matchbox cars and discussed different characteristics about them and the types of clients these would appeal to (i.e. style, color, power, off road ability)

-Week 3:  Brought in Lego built cars and passed them around the class and had students judge different qualities about the cars and wrote them all down.

-Week 4: Divided the class into 5 groups and gave each group a different characteristic to make a test for to evaluate each car's performance and groups made a supply list for the materials needed to build the tests.

-Week 5:  Continued building

-Week 6: Continued building

-Week 7: Tested the cars on each group's test

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