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How long did it take?


Vocabulary to know about for this activity:

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Preparation (what should one do to prepare)::

Procedure (how to go about the activity):

How can the EDP or engineering design practices be incorporated into this activity?

Comment: In the comment field please comment of how this activity went for you, how long it took, how long you expected it to take, if there were any other materials that you would have wanted to have, how your was teacher involved in this activity, if it was age/grade level appropriate for the students and any other comments about this activity you think are important for the next person to use this activity to know.



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  1. Ms. Burn's 4th grade class, Healey school, Spring 2013:

    We spread this activity for two 45-minute classes. First, we briefly discussed good ways to build sails (we talked about increasing the surface area that is exposed to the wind to propel the lego sail car even more). Then we distributed pre-packaged bag of supplies to the students. We gave the students an option to use/combine any materials they want for the sails (paper, paper bag, plastic). 

    We tested by having students put their lego sails in front of a fan and observing how far it went. Because we had two class times, most students had enough time to redesign their lego sails and re-test their projects. 

    Overall, the activity went well. Having enough time to re-design was beneficial because it gave the students the opportunity to observe what is wrong with their original idea and to learn from this observation to improve their projects.