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How long did it take?


Vocabulary to know about for this activity:

Background/Things to know about for this activity:

Preparation (what should one do to prepare)::

Procedure (how to go about the activity):

How can the EDP or engineering design practices be incorporated into this activity?

Comment: In the comment field please comment of how this activity went for you, how long it took, how long you expected it to take, if there were any other materials that you would have wanted to have, how your was teacher involved in this activity, if it was age/grade level appropriate for the students and any other comments about this activity you think are important for the next person to use this activity to know.



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  1. The main problem with this activity was the location of the touch sensor. Many had it in a place where it would not hit anything, so the students were told to move the sensor so that it the car ran into something, the sensor would be pressed. Some groups spent a lot of time attaching the sensor to the car and not a lot of time programming. Other groups were stil building their car so that it could run. Only a couple of groups actually got to the intended activity. This acted as more of an interim activity while all the groups got caught up so that the next week's activity could be done by all of the students.