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For week 1, we decided to go with a simple but fun lesson to allow us to get into the classroom quickly and get to know the kids.  


To introduce the students to structure and how to connect lego bricks to ensure the strongest connections possible.  


-We-Do kits -Large bin of simple lego bricks


When Dorothy's house fell in the Land of Oz, it broke!  She needs a new house that will be able to better withstand a fall if Dorothy goes to Oz again. LEGO Dorothy had to fit into the house and there had to be at least one 2x4 LEGO piece window.  


Explain the problem to the students and how the house will be tested.  Then allow at least 30mins for students in pairs to design on paper and build their house.  After the students build their house, we will drop the house from desk height and note how many pieces fell off the house. Another thing you can discuss is how to effectively connect LEGO pieces to make a sturdy connection between the walls eg at the corners.  

Note: The younger students will sometimes let their imagination run wild and thus lose track of the ultimate goal.

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