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Welcome to Mr. Ho's Wiki Page!

Spring 2013

Fellows: Marc Bucchieri and Kenneth Westerman

Semester Outline

February 15th: Discuss animal structure/function, Plan a lego animal design

March 1st: Construct and revise lego animal models based on structure (no NXT yet)

March 8th: Class discussion on animal response to stimuli, describe robotic analog of these responses

March 15th: Intro to sensors: make each group experts on a given sensor type

April 12th: Finish making mobile animals, teach sensors and how they can be used to respond to stimuli

April 26th: Begin final project - Program functional NXT fish that responds to stimuli, test in an environment

May 3rd: Finish and test final project

Semester Outline

Fall 2012

Fellows: Alyssa Hatch and Catherine Hoar

Semester Outline

October 5th: Build a Chair for Jumbo

October 12th: NXT cars

October 19th: Simple Programming with NXT cars

October 25th: Scratch Programming

November 2nd: Pumpkin Catapults

November 9th: NXT Programming

November 16th: Water filters

November 30th: Final Project- Transporting clean water

December 7th: Final Project and testing


Build a Chair for Jumbo

Spring 2012

Fellows: Andrew Bennett, Leiny Garcia, and Emma Oppenheim

This classroom only had a few RCX's and no computers. They only had regular legos which caused us to do more activities that included arts and crafts materials.

we did line follower on one day and bridge building on another  

Semester Outline


Fall 2011

Fellows: XX and YY

Semester Outline


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