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Welcome to Mrs. Fong's Wiki Page!

Spring 2013

Fellows: Emmanuel Runes and Melissa Moore

Semester Outline


Week 1: paper tower

Week 2: Newspaper Chairs

Week 3: NXT Cars

Week 4: NXT Cars

Week 5: NXT Cars/NXT Car Programming (after they finished their cars, we only had time to briefly introduce programming)

Week 6: NXT Car Programming/turn cars into snowplows (we ran into technical difficulties and had them design a snowplow to put on the front of their car)

Week 7: Marshmallow Challenge

Week 8: Egg Drop

Fall 2012

Fellows: Alyssa Kody and Anecia Richards

Semester Outline

Spring 2012

Fellows: Brian Lim and Catherine Hoar


Semester Outline


Fall 2011

Fellows: Brian and Emmanuel

Semester Outline


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