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Welcome to Ms. Doering's Wiki Page!

Spring 2013

Fellows: Anjali Narang and Josh Elliott

Semester Outline 

Fall 2012

Fellows: Josh Elliott and Jennifer Mui

Week 1: Aeronautical Engineering - Parachutes

Week 2: Mechanical Engineering - Ramp Rollers

Week 3: Environmental Engineering - Water Filters

Week 4: Ooblek

Week 7,8,9: Service learning

Spring 2012

Fellows: Catherine Coughlin, Jess Noble, Griselle Ong, Tom Geheran

Semester Outline

Week 1: SAM Animation about Solar System

Week 2 - end of unit: Properties of Materials--link to worksheets and teacher guide  


Week 1: SAM Animation about Solar System

Week 2: Properties of Materials--Lesson 1

Week 3: Properties of Materials--Lesson 2

Week 4: Properties of Materials--Lesson 3

Fall 2011

Fellows: Riley Jack, Leticia, and Lauren, Mollie and Graciella

Semester Outline


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