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This is where the Tufts Robotics Club documents EVERYTHING WE KNOW! All projects are documented here, as well as the takeaway knowledge from those projects. The goal of this wiki is to preserve lessons learned from projects so that we will build even better in the future. We will also post how-to's here for new members or really just anyone interested in robotics. How-to's are written to be universally accessible.

Contributing to This Wiki

If you are a member of the club and would like to contribute something to this wiki, there are a few steps to getting set up:

  1. Log in to with your Tufts username and password. This will create a wiki account for you automatically.
  2. Email the President or Webmaster of the club (found on the About page), giving them your username and asking to be given permissions to add to/edit the wiki.

If you are adding a new page, make sure its parent page is correct. For example, if you are adding a new project page, make sure its parent is the "Projects" page. Similarly, for new tutorials/how-to's, add those under the "Tutorials/How-to's" page. 

Club Website - General info about the club including meeting location & time, points of contact, and blog

Club Google Drive - Where important files are shared with club members

Club Github Page - Where we host all code/collaborative files for our projects. Hosted by the Tufts CS department.

Project Pages


External Resources

  • Other tutorials:

  • Downloads

  • References

    • Arduino Reference - Reference manual for Arduino programming
    • Feel free to contact any of our specialists (listed on the About Us) with any specific questions!
  • Trusted Vendors:

    • Pololu - Go-to vendor for small motors and motor drivers, among other things
    • Servo City - Sells more heavy-duty mechanical parts and motors
    • McMaster-Carr - Go-to vendor for any mechanical parts
    • Sparkfun - All kinds of breakout boards to speed up development
    • Digikey - Sells every electronic component you can imagine. Harder to interface with, though, because they don't come assembled on breakout boards.
    • Mouser - If Digikey doesn't have it, try here


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