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Sakai Tools

Sakai Tools

Site Tools:

Home - For viewing recent announcements, discussion, and chat items.

Announcements - For posting current, time-critical information

Assignments - For posting, submitting and grading assignment(s) online

Blogger - A blogger

Chat Room - For real-time conversations in written form

Drop Box - For private file sharing between instructor and student

Email Archive - For viewing email sent to the site

Evaluations - View outstanding evaluations from student's ePortfolio matrices and wizards

Forms - Add XSD forms for collecting structured data (e.g. in matrices and wizards)

Forums - Display forums and topics of a particular site

Glossary - Create a glossary of terms referenced in Matrix row and/or column names

Gradebook - For storing and computing assessment grades from Tests & Quizzes or that are manually entered.

Link Tool - For linking to external applications

Matrices - Create and use a structured, guided ePortfolio matrix

Messages - Display messages to/from users of a particular site

News - For viewing content from online sources (RSS)

Podcasts - For managing individual podcast and podcast feed information

Polls - For anonymous polls or voting

Post'Em - For uploading .csv formatted file to display feedback (e.g., comments, grades) to site participants

Reports - Generate analysis reports using sakai and eportfolio data

Resources - For posting documents, URLs to other websites, etc.

Roster - For viewing the site participants list

Schedule - For posting and viewing deadlines, events, etc.

Search - For searching content

Section Info - For managing sections within a site

Site Info - For showing worksite information and site participants

Styles - Add Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for controlling the appearance of wizards, matrices, and portfolios

Syllabus - For posting a summary outline and/or requirements for a site.

Test & Quizzes - For creating and taking online tests and quizzes

Web Content - For accessing an external website within the site

Wiki - For collaborative editing of pages and content

Portfolio Tools:

Portfolio - Create personal ePortfolios using existing templates, layouts, or free-form design.

Portfolio Templates - Add XSL design templates for portfolios that incorporate form data (or for 'forms-based portfolios')

Portfolio Layouts - Add XHTML page layout templates for free-form ('design your own') portfolios

Wizards - Create and use a structured, guided ePortfolios wizard

Instructor Tools:

Edit Site Info - Edit basic site information

Edit Class Roster - Bulk add/remove of section lists

Add Participants - Add accounts to site

Manage Access - Publish site - Authorize joining site

Edit Tools - Add and remove site tools

Manage Groups - Create and maintain course groups

Page Order - arrange tools order display on site

Import from site - Merge or replace course data from another site

Import form file - Import data from a file

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