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trunk Implementation Project Team

The work of the trunk Implementation Team is guided by the Next-Generation Tufts University LMS Strategy Recommendations, developed and unanimously endorsed in spring 2010 as the final deliverable of a year-long university-wide strategic planning process.

Tufts LMS Strategic Planning Project Team - 2009-2010

trunk Executive Committee

The trunk Executive Steering Committee, including these Tufts University senior academic and administrative leaders, provides oversight to ensure that the project maintains an appropriate university focus and to support the project's successful completion through sponsorship and guidance:

  • Patricia Campbell, Executive Vice President, Tufts University
  • David Kahle, VP for Information Technology and CIO, University Information Technology
  • Mary Y. Lee, Associate Provost, Tufts University

Project Steward

  • Gina Siesing, Director of Educational Technology Services, UIT

Project Manager

  • Andrew Valenti, Project Manager, LMS Implementation, UIT

The project manager and project steward also maintain regular communication with other executive sponsors of the trunk implementation project, including the Executive Associate Deans in the participating Schools.

trunk Implementation Steering Committee

The trunk Implementation Steering Committee provides input and guidance to the project manager and the trunk Implementation Core Team in support of the project's successful process and completion. The LMS Implementation Steering Committee is comprised of the following members:

  • Nancy Arbree, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, TUSDM (w/ Jennifer Littke attending as needed)
  • Marybeth Caputo, Budget & Fiscal Officer, UIT
  • Mark Damian, Director of Enterprise Applications, UIT
  • Scott Epstein, Dean for Educational Affairs, Tufts School of Medicine
  • Patrick Connell, Manager of Educational Technology, Office of Academic Initiatives, Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy
  • James Glaser, Academic Dean, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Jeff Kosokoff, Director of the Ginn Library and IT, The Fletcher School
  • Linda Jarvin, Director, CELT
  • Leah McIntosh, Executive Associate Dean, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Lee Minardi, Chair, IT Committee, AS&E
  • Theresa Regan, Director of Enterprise Infrastructure, UIT
  • Scott Sahagian, Executive Associate Dean, School of Engineering
  • Angie Warner, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Dawn Terkla, Associate Provost, Institutional Research & Evaluation
  • Sapna Bansil, GSC Representative
  • Sam Wallis, President, TCU Senate

trunk Implementation Core Team

The trunk Implementation Core Team is responsible for coordinating all phases of implementation project work and for enlisting the input of the trunk Implementation Steering Committee and stakeholders across the university at key project junctures. Major deliverables for Phase 1 of the project include design and implementation of the University trunk infrastructure; design and implementation of a robust, coordinated University LMS service and support model; and migration of the School of Arts & Sciences, the School of Engineering, and The Fletcher School from Blackboard to trunk, the new Sakai-based University LMS. During this initiation phase, the Implementation Core Team will guide the work of implementation, integration with university systems, migration, and transition support. The trunk Core Team is comprised of the following members:

  • Andrew Valenti, Project Manager, LMS Implementation, UIT, ex-officio
  • Janet Hill, Manager of LMS Services
  • Sheryl Barnes, Assistant Project Manager, Senior Educational Technology Specialist, UIT
  • David Grogan, Manager, Curricular Technology Group, UIT
  • Neal Hirsig, Assistant Director for Instructional Services and Blackboard Administrator, ITS, Schools of Arts & Sciences and Engineering
  • Hannah Reeves, Instructional Design & Technology Specialist, UIT
  • Senior Client Support & Multimedia/LMS Specialist (open)
  • Rebecca Sholes, Senior Faculty Development Consultant, UIT
  • Melanie St. James
  • Chris Strauber, Associate Librarian, Tisch Library, School of Arts & Sciences and Engineering

Core Implementation Working Groups (currently forming)

The Project Manager and Implementation Core Team appoint working groups to complete specific project objectives as required, including Architecture/Infrastructure Design & Implementation; SIS & AuthZ Integrations; Communications; Faculty Training & Orientation; Online & Printable Documentation; Coordinated Support & Service Model Design; Usability & UCD; Sakai Community Liaison & Configuration Advice; Data Migration; Security; Technical & Functional Evaluation & Extensions. Working group members are drawn from recommendations made by the Tufts IT Leaders Forum, the LMS Implementation Steering Committee, and others with known expertise across Tufts University.

  • Architecture Infrastructure Design & Implementation (Andy Valenti)
    • Ian Altgilbers
    • Matt McVey
    • Elena Ryazanova
    • Elyse Salberg
    • Vik Solem
  • Communications (Rebecca Sholes)
    • Sheryl Barnes
    • David Grogan
    • Neal Hirsig
    • Hannah Reeves
    • Chris Strauber
    • Andy Valenti
  • Coordinated Support & Service Model (Janet Hill)
    • Sheryl Barnes
    • Karen Bilotta
    • Barbara Heffernan
    • Neil Hirsig
    • Hannah Reeves
    • Chris Strauber
    • Carolyn Livingston
  • Data Migration (Andy Valenti)
    • David Grogan
    • Will Hilley
    • Neal Hirsig
    • Matt Mcvey
    • Hannah Reeves
  • Faculty Training & Orientation (Sheryl Barnes)
    • David Grogan
    • Neal Hirsig
    • Dave Bragg
    • Hannah Reeves
    • Rebecca Sholes
  • Online & Print Documentation ( Neil Hirsig)
    • David Grogan
    • Janet Hill
    • Dave Bragg
    • Hannah Reeves
    • Rebecca Sholes
    • Melanie St. James
  • Sakai Community Liaison (Hannah Reeves)
    • Chris Strauber
  • SIS & Authorization Integration (Andy Valenti)
    • Christabel Kow
  • Technical & Functional Evaluation & Extensions (Dave Grogan)
    • Mike Korcynski
    • Steve McDonald
  • Usability, UCD & Configuration Advice (Melanie St. James)
    • Sheryl Barnes
    • Neal Hirsig
    • Hannah Reeves
    • Chris Strauber

Contact us:
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The trunk core team is coordinating the broad participation of faculty, students, and staff from across the Tufts community. You can visit the Get Involved page to subscribe to the project email list for future project updates and to learn more about trunk and training opportunities.

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