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Time Line for Trunk Implementation

The implementation of trunk, Tufts new collaborative learning environment, has begun. Tufts different schools will begin using trunk in a 3 phased approach:

  • Phase 1: During the first phase of the project, the new trunk system will be set up so that all schools on the Medford campus that are currently using Blackboard Basic can start teaching with it in September 2011. This includes the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Engineering, and the Fletcher School. Currently the trunk implementation team is working on configuring the trunk system, determining how courses currently in Blackboard will be moved over, and preparing for faculty training and support services.
  • Phase 2: Phase 2 will begin in fall 2011 and will focus on moving the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy and the Fletcher School's GMAP Program over to trunk. These programs are now using the Angel Learning System. Members of the trunk core team recently met with Fletcher's GMAP Program to explore future directions and how trunk might support the program.
  • Phase 3: The final phase of the project will focus on integrating TUSK, the LMS used by the Tufts Health Sciences schools, with trunk. Recently a TUSK-trunk planning task force was created that will begin studying the two systems and determining how they can work together. This phase of the project will take place over a two year period of time.

Project Updates

Throughout the implementation process, members of the implementation team will be keeping the community informed of the project through presentations and question and answer forums. If you would like to receive project updates, get information on the process of moving Blackboard and Angel courses over to trunk, and learn about trunk training opportunities, you can subscribe to the project announcement list. Please also contact us with any thoughts, questions, or suggestions as we move forward with the implementation of trunk.

(NOTE: The above "subscribe" link should launch your usual email program and open a new message with in the To: line. Just send that email with the word "subscribe" in it somewhere, and we'll add you to the list. If this does not happen automatically, just copy the email address and paste it into the To: line of a new message in your usual email client.)

Faculty Orientation, Training, & Documentation

Faculty training is our highest priority, and we aim to provide the opportunity for anyone who wants assistance to participate in workshops, to learn from self-service materials online, and to reach out with specific questions via phone and/or email. Based on faculty feedback, we plan to start offering training in early May and would like to emphasize that the earlier people come to us, the more time we will be able to devote to them.

Faculty Training Survey
Faculty in Arts & Sciences or Engineering received an email on 12/9/10 seeking survey input to inform training design. If you are AS&E faculty and would like that link sent to you again, please request it from Sheryl Barnes.

Background Resources

trunk is based on based on a customized deployment of the Sakai Learning Management System. In this section, we have included a range of resources that will not only provide you with background information on Sakai but enable you to test out the new online learning environment.

Sakai Video Demonstration
Click on the above link to view a 10 minute video demonstration of the Sakai Learning Management System. Feel free to add any comments you may have to the comment section at the bottom of the page.

If you want to test out the new LMS environment while the trunk platform at Tufts is being configured, visit mySakai. On this site, you can set up an account and create course sites or project sites and become familiar with the tools and functionality.

Sakai Opens the Door to Enhanced Teaching, Learning, and Collaboration at Tufts
This article by UIT staff member Hannah Reeves, a former Sakai consultant to higher education institutions, provides a good overview of Sakai.

We invite you to peruse a compilation of selected research on the effectiveness of learning management systems (LMS) use in higher education.

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