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TurnitIn at Tufts

To read more about TurnitIn, go to this linked page in the UIT Encyclopedia of Teaching with Technology.

Turnitin is a Web-based plagiarism detection service available to Tufts University Arts, Sciences and Engineering faculty. According to the Turnitin site, their database includes "over 10 million student papers...millions of pages of books and journals and over 6 billion pages of the current and archived Internet." Because of the daily ingestion of student papers and Web pages daily, these numbers constantly change.

Medford campus:

Log into the Faculty Webcenter where you will find instructional material, a link to Turnitin and account information. You will be given your account ID and temporary password through the Webcenter.

Other schools and campuses

If you would like more information about getting an account with Turnitin, please contact James Ryan, Coordinator for Programs and Special Projects, Student Services:

For more general information on TurnitIn, to to their home page.


Also, Blackboard is now providing a free plagiarism prevention service called SafeAssignto its Blackboard Learning System Enterprise, Vista Enterprise and CE Enterprise clients.

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