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  • Topics of Common Interest
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Topics of Common Interest

  • Program planning and design:
    • What can we expect/prepare for? Case studies? Learning from those who have real-life experience
    • Best practices: is there a way we can be briefed on the salient features of what's already known to work (pedagogical and technical best practices), perhaps using something like GoToMeeting or WebEx so we can practice what we are going to be doing.
    • Tufts Provost's guidelines for creation of new programs
    • Accreditation for distance programs
    • Business models for programs / budget planning and projections
    • Facilities in remote locations
    • staffing models:
      • support person for students enrolled in program
    • Faculty resources: who teaches? core and/or adjunct faculty? TAs for core faculty to assist with Tufts residential courses?
    • student/faculty visa issues and questions (drawing on Dara Mehta's experience from the Dental School program)
    • IRB issues for student research (also drawing on Dara's and other program leaders' experience)
    • applicant populations?
    • cross-program elective options?
    • Residency component: scheduling; formats for community-building and learning
    • Marketing strategies
    • Economies of scale where it makes sense to share costs across programs and/or for Tufts to invest centrally
  • Teaching/Learning/Curriculum/Instructional Design Topics:
    • up-front investment to build curriculum
    • updating to keep curricular components current
    • how specifically to adjust/"compose" various elements of individual learning units and the whole course to optimally meet goals for the program?
    • Bundled courses
    • cohort travels together
    • How the teaching/learning process in distance-learning environment differs for the traditional one
    • What pedagogical/didactic issues can/will arise?
    • How to work with our adjunct faculty to prepare them for this new experience?
  • Media and technology delivery: what are program leaders choosing? what works? what to expect...?
    • Learning management systems
    • SIS integration
    • web, audio, and video conferencing
    • Tufts-owned laptops for each student to mitigate support issues; students keep laptops upon program completion?
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