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TDLS Alternate agenda

Agenda for the day




8:45-9:00 am

Registration and Breakfast




Patrick and Melanie

9:10 (10m)

Opening Remarks

Mary Lee

9:20 (30m)

Why Distance Learning at Tufts: Benefits of online learning, evolution of the field, best practices, drivers

Paul Giguere

9:50 (20m)

Tufts service model design

Ideal: Mary Lee or D. Kahle

10:10 (15m)



10:30 (45m)

Instructional Design perspective

  • large enrollment classes (economics / instructional side). Speak to faculty and administrators
  • small classes and seminars

Guest Speaker (tbd)

11:15 (30m)

Administrative perspective

  • funding
  • registration
  • program creation
  • approval process


11:45 (15m)




Lunch / with table with topics of discussion


1:15 (30m)

Educational Technology @ Tufts: Tools and Support

  • Sakai
  • Adobe Connect, Adobe Presenter / Articulate (Is it the one you are using at Friedman?)
  • Video Conferencing / Movi
  • Spark
  • CRS


1:45 (30m)

Panel of Faculty Experts

I could see framing the "Panel of Faculty Experts" around technology.  That is, let each faculty introduce what they have going on in regards to both the technology and instructional methods.  We can pick faculty based on their blended learning experience and their adopted technologies.  I think Poincare has adopted a wide array of technologies including Sakai which would be interesting.  And then someone from Friedman could showcase course design, pre-recorded lectures, and maybe mastery learning.  Someone from GMAP perhaps could showcase their new use of Apple technologies.  Dental school or CTSI has used videoconferencing quite a bit.  And then someone who is using Spark for blended courses.  Technology being presented by fellow faculty might go over better than a presentation on available technologies.

Format: 5-7 minute presentation for each faculty and then a facilitated discussion/QA.


2:15 (15m)

Q and A for above


2:30 (15 m)



To do's


To Do




Book Venue

Susan Ward is working on it:

  • Coolidge Room
  • Alumni Lounge
  • Chase Center

Once we narrow down the date, Susan will look for venue again.


Send "Save the Date" announcement


Dependency: Booking Venue


Find Keynote Speaker

Patrick is doing initial research (done)
Pick 2 or 3 potentials from the initial list and start making contact

Patrick's Picks:
1. Alan Aycock - Acting Director of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukes Learning Technology Center (LTC) and teaches for the UWM Department of Anthropology
2. Scott Johnson - U of Illinois
3. Jeanette Riley - UMass Dartmouth
4. Richard Novak - Rutgers



  • Melanie revise agenda (done)
  • Patrick is reviewing agenda (done)
  • Gina and Paul need to approve
  • Will present at TDLC meeting, for input



Identify Faculty for Panel of Experts


Once we finalize the "what", we can start thinking about "who"



Post event on


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