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There are two directories used by TUSK. One is the TUSK code which resides in /usr/local/tusk and the other is the data which resides in /data.

TUSK Directory Outline (/usr/local/tusk/current)




Files needed to build a DOC2XML machine


Files needed to build a PPT machine


Files for add-on software TUSK including Forums, Shibboleth and ICS templates


Directory of command-line tools for administering tusk


Web based code behind TUSK


Apache configuration file and mod_perl startup script


Static images used by TUSK (not content)


Scripts to help install TUSK


Perl modules behind TUSK including data access layer


Apache, shibboleth, and other log files


Masons caching area


Files to drive the Open Course Ware project

Code Detail (/code)


Embperl pages to accept and return calls from third party products


Code for caper website (unused at external schools


Code for caper website (unused at external schools


Includes for hsdb4, hsdb45 and htdoc pages


Perl front end for discussion groups


Directory with primary non-school-specific embperl pages


Directory with school-specific embperl pages


Front page, other standard pages (404 etc.)


Code for liver website (unused at external schools


Media test files


Perl based scripts


Embperl based https scripts




Directory with mason pages


Mason directory without session information (utilities).


Stylesheets for transformations of XML into HTML, PDF etc.

Perl Modules Detail (/lib)




A combination of standard and hsdb (tusk) Apache modules. Including Apache handlers which control access to content, cookies, eval XML and images.


Libraries which provide central logic to drive the functionality of the discussion groups.


Core libraries providing and controlling access to parts of the database that are not school-specific, including control for core functionality like user, content, search, XML, etc.


Modules that map objects to database tables/records


Set of XML processing classes


Core libraries providing and controlling access to school-specific databases and functionality, including course, eval, time period, schedule, etc. Also including authentication and authorization modules.


Core libraries providiing and controlling access to tusk database and functionality, including assignments, quizzes, cases, new evals. It also includes new SQLRow object and application wrappers.


Directory filled with command-line scripts for managing TUSK. Many scripts are being moved to the web-based tools

Open Source Software included in TUSK Distribution

TUSK Data Outline (/data)




Data files for the forum package


Bulk of the TUSK managed content files


The mysql DB behind TUSK


Area containing PPT files to be processed by PPT converter


Files for streaming data


Temporary location for files which are being uploaded


Area containing doc files to be processed by DOC2XML

All data in /data must be shared between all web servers in a cluster
/html & /streaming must be shared between web servers and streaming server (if external streaming server is used)
/mysql is only needed by DB server

Data HTML (/data/html)




Contains files which can be downloaded by TUSK users


FOP PDF generated files


FOP XML source files


Legacy EPS and TEX files


Location for uploaded image files


Location for .ram files


Location for swf files


Location for slides of various sizes (converted from PPTs by PPT converter)







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