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Goal of the Project

TUSK needs to accommodate and identify tracks - i.e. the Longitudinal Clerkship in Maine is a different track for the 3rd year students we need to be able to identify that
3.Objectives/Competencies: A lot of the work we have to do is in this area
a. Move the search objectives page onto a search page more generic to the system
b. Have the search results show where the objective came from and when it was created - i.e. what content, classmeeting, course, school etc and why type it is
c. Link school wide competencies (in tusk) and objectives tables (in hsdb4) together so that when you are searching objectives or competencies you are searching both
d. have the ability to search at a particular level
e. create a space to store the about to be released new AAMC competencies
f. create the tool to link up i.e. when you upload a piece of content show which course objective/competency it is linked too
g. create a tool to link down - have the ability to link school wide competencies to the course objectives
h. create a tool to link up from the school wide competencies up to the new AAMC competencies
i. create tool to visually display the levels of competencies (I have an idea how I want this done which I
will make an image of)
j. we have a place to add objectives to classmeetings (it is in the course schedule view). My assumption is that classmeetings will inherit objectives from the content linked to them. However - not all classmeetings will have content so we need to take into account objectives added directly to the class meeting - we should make this easier to do
4. UMLS keywords:
a.Update to the newest version of the metamapper
b. make the selection of umls terms automatic - don't wait for faculty to come back and pick the ones they want — they don't do it and never will

Create Functional Requirements


Action Items


Completed by (2013)

Implement Program, Track, Academic Level as concepts in TUSK


Feb 28

Develop and Implement structure and framework for competency framework (put competencies and objectives together - revise existing framework)


March 30

Design the front end tool to link competencies


April 10

Build the tool to link competency levels to another competency level across the curriculum (deal with class_meeting/event problem)


April 30

Build rich search or incorporate into existing search - for competencies


May 30

Build XML export tool


June 30

  File Modified
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation Competency Mapping_v2-19-13.pptx Feb 21, 2013 by Susan S.R Albright
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet flat competency mapping table.xlsx Mar 06, 2013 by Susan S.R Albright
PDF File AAMC 2012 Medical Education Competency Reference Set.pdf Mar 13, 2013 by Susan S.R Albright
Microsoft Word Document Competency Versioning.docx Mar 14, 2013 by Michael J. Prentice
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation Competency Mapping_v3-25-13.pptx Mar 28, 2013 by Minhthe Nguyen
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation Competency Mapping_Version 4.pptx Apr 04, 2013 by Minhthe Nguyen
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation Competency Mapping_Version 5 -- Programs, Tracks, and Academic Levels.pptx v5 Nov 04, 2013 by Michael J. Prentice
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