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This page will redirect to http://scholarlycommunication.Tufts.EDU/.

Welcome to the Scholarly Communication at Tufts website.  These pages provide information for faculty, staff, and students about all aspects of the process used by scholars to share and use the results of their and others' research.  The goal is for these pages to provide answers to your questions about copyright, fair use and open access.  If you do not see what you're looking for, please contact the Scholarly Communication Team.

This site is managed by the Scholarly Communication Team, which is charged by the University Library Council under the oversight of the Office of the Provost, with consultation from University Counsel.

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  1. For Ilene:

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    What is it? (links to About page)

    Author's Rights

    Copyright (has children - can we have rollover navigation?)

    Open Access

    How do I...? (we might want to do rollover navigation here too but specifics aren't ready)

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