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Students in the Intro GIS course may create sub-pages (children) in this area for submitting their assignments. Note: you have to log in to do this (log in function is in the upper right corner above) - use your UTLN user name and your e-mail password.

A page (also called a "child" - see the "children" below) should pertain to your individual work (e.g., add a page called "Parmenter" then create sub-pages under that for your assignments.  To create a new page, click on Add Content (left column), then Add Page. To edit an existing page, click on that page then click on Page Operations (left column) - Edit. Attachments can be added by clicking on the appropriate page below, then clicking on Page Operations - Attachments

See the Parmenter Example below for more instructions (Assignment 1 page). 

You should restrict editing of your page to yourself, and you may restrict viewing of your page to the instructor and TA. E-mail them if you need to know how to do this.

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