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Detailed Project Proposal

Format: text document, uploaded to the Student Work Zone by midnight of the due date

At this point in the semester, you should have completed your data acquisition or be close to doing so. The goal of this assignment is for you to lay out in detail exactly what you will do for the final project using these data sets and how you will get there. This is a written assignment - you do not need to turn in any maps unless you feel it would be helpful in your explanation of steps. The objective of this assignment is to have a clear road-map for your project, and to get any final feedback from the instructor on how to proceed.

For this assignment:

  1. Briefly describe your project goals and the spatial questions it will address
  2. Provide at least four briefly annotated examples of similar analyses that used GIS (at least two of these must come from peer-reviewed journals) - briefly annotated means that you have a paragraph about each example explaining how it has helped your thinking about your project. Do not simply copy the abstract! If you cannot find examples of exactly what you are doing, find examples at least in the same general field or one using similar data sets. Your citations should follow APA format. If you had good sources from your earlier assignment, you can use those again here.
  3. Provide a list of the GIS data layers you will use plus any tabular data sets - include data set name, description, data source agency and URL if applicable, and key attributes variables you will use (e.g.,  income, illiteracy rates, crop type, bus route number, land use code) - this could be in table format
  4. The data creation, processing, and/or analysis steps that you expect perform - you can provide this as a numbered set of steps or in a flow diagram.  Be as specific as you can be, relating the project step to the data layer(s) - this will be the road map for your project. We realize that you may not know the exact tools you'll use and that's ok. In that case, try to be as clear as possible regarding what you conceptually want to do.
  5. The products you hope to include on your poster (e.g., maps, table)

Here are some examples of previous student project plans (i.e., what they planned to do at this point in the semester), but you might also want to look at final project papers from previous semesters:

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