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MPP Census Workshop Materials

Tufts license of Social Explorer - you will be asked to log in if you aren't on campus.

MPP Social Explorer Tutorial

Census Overview presentation

Workshop materials

Before the workshop:

During the workshop, we will use these materials- please open all of these in new, separate tab

  • MPP Social Explorer Tutorial- you can use this in class or later on your own

  • Census 2020 Questionnairethis is the questionnaire that will go out in March 2020. Take a look at it - it is only a few questions, first about one person, then similar questions for other people in the housing unit. Who should be “person 1” do you think? How would you handle persons 2, 3, 4, etc.? Remember, the "census" goes out once every 10 years to every housing unit address in the US. It is our basic “100%” census of population and housing.
  • 2020 American Community Survey (ACS) questionnaire - the ACS is very important to policy advocates and planning professionals as it contains many detailed questions. It is sent to a sample of housing units. Take a look through the questionnaire to get an understanding of what it asks. What questions are of interest to you and your work? How would you feel filling out this form? And note, there is a question about citizenship already on the ACS form as well as a question about ancestry.

  • Why the Census asks each question - Take a look at a few questions of interest to you. You can see the Census Bureau anticipates concerns about privacy and wants people to know how the questions are used and how it will benefit our communities. Also you should know that the individual’s answers on a census form are kept private for 70 years. The individual data of the 1940 census was released in 2012! You can see this web site if you’re interested -

Census Data Mappers and Viewers

2010 Census and American Community Survey - web sites and guides

Articles about the American Community Survey and the sampling error issue

Resources about the history of the census

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