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Project Goals:

For this project, I intend to utilize GIS to determine potential vernal pool locations. This will be helpful in establishing areas in which to search for vernal pools. Vernal pools are seasonal pools that provide breeding habitat for frogs and salamanders, many of which are endangered. As such, certified pools are afforded much state protection. Since they are seasonal and do not connect to a permanent water source, they are not mapped on classic maps, and must be certified to exist on state maps and receive protection. By identifying potential locations for these pools, the search for them can be more defined and hopefully result in more pools being identified and protected.


1. Using land use data, assign ranking for likelihood of vernal pool appearance (open space, forest get highest ranking, industrial etc. get lowest). Reclassify using spatial analyst.

2. Using elevation data, calculate slope and reclassify, ranking lowest slope as more likely to include a vernal pool.

3.  Using hydrography data, reclassify based on distance from water source.

4. Using soils data, reclassify using the slope field.

5. Weigh and combine datasets to rank sites in Barnstable for potential vernal pools.

6. Compare against MassGIS potential vernal pools dataset.

Produce maps of each reclassification and final weighted combined dataset.  

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