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  • Assignment 4 - Florida Maps
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Maps with data about age, sex, education and language in Florida based on Census 2000.

For this assignment, I worked with data from the American FactFinder (US Census 2000) and from the Florida Geographic Data Library (FGDL). The maps I created are showing some data that will be important for my final project, as for instance the population of children under 5 years old. In my final project I will be focusing in adaptation strategies in Florida and that is why looking at children and elderly population is so important. Those groups could be the target victims in case disasters with flood happen. When preparing a State for emergency situations, it is important to know the best strategy in terms of evacuating people.

 Other data as for instance as education and language spoken are also mapped but those were used only for the purpose of learning and probably will have no impact on my final project. 

Maps in JPEG format:

Population with ages between 5 and 17 - Florida

Population of children under 5 in Florida

Female population in Florida

Male population in Florida

Education level in Florida

Non-English speakers in Florida

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