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1) I am hoping to tie my GIS project into my thesis. My thesis topic currently is "Case study of a community land trust in a predominately Latino community in New England: How does a CLT operate among massive foreclosures and does this encourage a new discourse about ownership?" My case study is of Bread & Roses, a Community Land Trust in Lawrence,Massachusetts. I was thinking that maps could really help to illustrate the climate for home ownership in Lawrence, particularly for low-income or Latino residents. However, I am not sure if the depth of this project is sufficient? I am also not far along in my thesis so the exact questions I will be looking at or the data I will need mapped out is not fully known to me at this time. It would be wonderful to work on a project that will aid my thesis. That is my hope, but if that is not possible, I am sure I can come up with something else. I was thinking as an alternative maybe something looking at homelessness in Boston. If mapping the housing climate in Lawrence is not sufficient, I will gladly repeat this assignment with another topic. 

2) Possible spatial/geographic questions relevant:

    a)      Thematic map of poverty rates by census tracts in Lawrence- How does poverty affect home ownership rates in Lawrence?

    b)      Geo-coding addresses of BR housing sites against this thematic map. Are the clients of the CLT primarily within census tracts with high
             poverty rates?

    c)      Foreclosure data (petitions) for Lawrence-the city is being hit quite hard by the sub prime crisis, how does this affect the housing climate?

    d)     Analysis of owner-occupied housing versus rental unit- where in the city do ownership units exist? What census tracts, etc?

3)  I am still in my early stages of research- I just picked this topic recently, so I do not have a ton of articles yet. I am meeting with Regina in the library to help me out with this and I am heading to Lawrence on Tuesday to meet with the Director of Bread & Roses- We've talked about trying to come up with some maps that will be helpful for her, I am going to see if she needs anything. 

Below is a list of articles I've been perusing. Some are from Professor Jennings as he is written a lot about Lawrence, but I need to expand and locate some articles about Latino ownership issues in general, I think. There are also lots of articles on the foreclosure crisis that are relevant that I have not included. I am not sure how all of this will relate to the actual GIS project. I am guessing I should be searching for other studies on housing climates in low-income areas to see how they approached it? I may have misinterpreted this question, but here are some articles related to my topic:

Yesim Sungu-Eyiluma and Rosalind Greenstein.  "A National Study of CommunityLandTrusts" 2007. Lincoln Land Use Institute Gar Alperovitz, Steve Dubb and Ted Howard. New Approaches Are Needed to Curb Poverty. 2005. Chronicle of Philanthropy

Lauria Mickey and Erin Comstock. "The Effectiveness of CommunityLand Trusts: An Affordable Homeownership Comparison". 2006. Lincoln Land Use Institute.

Gus Newport, "The CLT Model: A Tool for Permanently Affordable Housing and Wealth Generation." Poverty & Race, January-February 2005.

Judy Newman, "Balancing the Cost: Shared equity home ownership addresses affordable housing needs," On Common Ground, Winter 2008, pp. 10-15. Jorge Santiago and James Jennings. "Impacts and Responses to 'Spatial Concentrations' of Foreclosures in Massachusetts Communities of Color," PowerPoint Presentation
(William MonroeTrotter InstituteUniversity of MassachusettsBoston, March 2008)

James Jennings, co-editor. "Latinos in Lawrence, Massachusetts: The Making of Community"Ma: HUD/NECC Community and Enterprise Development Center at Northern Essex Community College in Lawrence, Massachusetts (2005)

James Jennings. "Immigrant Homebuyers in Lawrence and Lowell, Massachusetts: Keys to the Revitalization of Cities", ImmigrantLearning Centerin Malden,Massachusetts (December 2005)

4) Professor Jennings has existing data on foreclosure petitions in Lawrence(maps are in his PowerPoint listed above). I would imagine I can get some other data from Mass GIS but will also start looking around more for sources of data for this project.

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