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Assignment 6 - Initial Project Description and Data Documentation

Format: Text or PDF document. Place on Student Work Zone section of the wiki

Overview of project
The best way to learn is by doing, so for the rest of the semester you will each be applying the GIS skills that you are learning to a small project of your choice. You are welcome to use a project that you are working on in another class or in your work. If it is a project for another class, just check with your GIS instructor and the other course instructor to let us know and discuss what you will do in the context of each class. The GIS instructor will be happy to help you choose and design a project if you don't already have one in mind. You should also look at some of the examples on the GIS Course Wiki or the case studies and chapter references in the GIS for the Urban Environment textbook or the posters from previous classes.

To see what will be required in the final project, please see Final Poster / Paper guidelines

What is due for this assignment
For this assignment, please compile a short report with the following items:

  1. write a description of what you would like to do on your project (what is the question or questions you would like to answer, the issue you are tackling, etc.)
  2. provide at least four briefly annotated examples of similar analyses that used GIS (some or all of these must come from peer-reviewed journals if possible) - briefly annotated means that you have a paragraph about each example - if you cannot find examples of exactly what you are doing, find examples at least in the same general field or one using similar data sets
  3. describe conceptually the way you will carry out this project (because we haven't covered analysis in detail yet, this will be very preliminary)
  4. list the data layers you will need for this project (if you know where you will get them from, list the source, otherwise indicate that you will need help locating this data set). Note: This section of your report could take the form of a table with each data layer occupying one row.

How is this assignment different from Assignment 1?

We often get this question. This assignment is different from your very first assignment in that your ideas should now be more thought out. In particular, it is different in the following ways:

  1. You may by now have a totally different project
  2. You should now have a much better idea about your project, in particular about the data sources and attribute information you'll need to carry out your project. If your project is exactly the same as what you originally proposed, you can copy and paste text from that original assignment to this one. But you still need to describe the data sources you have now found for it.
  3. You may have found better annotated examples of peer-reviewed literature or other projects that will help you work through your ideas. If they are exactly the same and I said you had good annotation (that is, a brief description of how the example has influenced your thinking about the project, not an abstract of the article!), then you can copy and paste from the original assignment

I will use this assignment to give you feedback on both data sources and methods for your final project. Your next assignment will be to write a detailed project plan, including the methods you will use. So it's very important that I get as detailed a proposal as possible so I can provide you with as detailed guidance as possible!

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