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Intermediate Japanese 003 Wiki Project

Project Outline

Each Group is made up of two or three people and will write about a person or historical figure whom you admire.
Your project will be presented in class on December 11, 2009.


You will write your report on Wiki and cover all aspects listed below. Use long form. Font size is 12.

・The reason you select this person.
・Introduction about this person.
・What makes the person special, unique, and interesting


The presentation time is 5 minutes. Everyone should speak and use long form.


Basically your group works on the project outside of class, Come to office hours if you have any questions or suggestions.

1.10月 9日(金)Submit the name of the person you selected and the outline of report.

2.11月 6日(金)Submit your report * After submitting your report, you will read another group's report and write a constructive review of their report.

3.11月23日(月)Submit your revised report

4.11月30日(月)~12月4日(金)Peer Review *Read another group's report.  Then, write a constructive review and ask two questions regarding the content of their report in English.

5.12月5日(土)~6日(日)Final revision *Read classmates' comments and answer their questions in English, and make necessary revision for the last time.  Do not forget to write References at the end of your report. 



Your report and presentation will be graded as a group based on the following rubric.







Excellent command of vocabulary and grammar

Good command of vocabulary and grammar with minor errors

Comprehensible, but need to improve grammar and vocabulary

Difficult to comprehend
Minimum vocabulary and grammar


Show a full understanding of the topic

Show a good understanding of the topic

Show a good understanding of parts of the topic

Does not seem to understand the topic


Excellent organization

Mostly coherent Need improvement

Need a beginning or a closing
Use more sentence conjunctions

Lack of cohesiveness
Need more sentence conjunctions


Good speed and intonation, readily understood

Mostly able to be understood

Sometimes difficult to be understood

Difficulty being understood due to lack of fluency and mispronunciation

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