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2011 GIS Poster Expo Gallery

Best in Show:

Runners Up:


Ian Adelman
Biking and Walking to Schools in Boston

Jason Andrews
Planning Appropriate Interventions Post-Flooding Pakistan 2010

Kathryn Bond
Halting the Loses of Indigenous Australian Languages

Deola Benelli
Displacement of IDPS in Conditions of Insecurity

Dan Birdsall
Targeting and Opportunity Costs: NYC

Daniel Brutlag
Shipping Crude Oil Through the Straits of Malacca

Laura Carter
Volcanic Assessment of the Populous Cook Inlet, Alaska

Diego Chacon
Development Changes along the I35 Corridor

Jenn Chinn
Baby Boomers, Immigrants, & Families in Ma, 2005-2009

Amanda Cleveland
Prioritizing Based on Smart Growth and Demographics

Adam Cohn
Massachusetts Wind Power Suitability Analysis

Bronwyn Cooke
Using Cost Surface to Identify Areas for Wetland Migration

Vanessa Corlazzoli
Risk Factors and Violence Against Women in Bolivia

Adrian Dahlin
Brownfield to Open Space Conversions

Zed Debbaut
Physical Vulnerability Assessment of Hood River County

Caitlin Dolan
Mapping Micro-Enterprises in Cambridge

Rhiannon Ervin
Evaluating the Impact of Build-out on Stormwater in Concord, MA

Audrey Flake
Iraqi Refugees in Jordan - Pressure on a Strained System

Jonathon Gale
Ophiolite Mapping in Afghanistan

Mollie Glessner
Cyclone Nargis: Population and Agriculture Impact, Myanmar

Andrew Goldfarb
Regional-Scale Analysis of Nuclear Reactor Site Locations in California

Laura Goodwin
Landmines in Cambodia: Prioritization of Demining

Sitara Grewal
Optimal Routes to the Border for Libyans Fleeing Violence

Jeremy Harkey
Mapping Protection Risks for Urban IDPs

Samantha Harris
Suitable Locations for Wind Farms in Mat-Su Borough, Alaska

Nicole Henretty
Food Security in Guatemala after Tropical Storm Agatha

Catalina Justiniano
How is the Access to Boston Nature Center?

Pete Kane
Reuse Analysis of Vacant Land in Holyoke, MA

Andrew Kennedy
The 2010 Japanese Tsunami: Miyagi Population Affected

Alex Krogh-Grabbe
Determining Municipal Suitability for Alternative Transportation

Marta Kuzstra
Public Transit vs. Social Mobility

Alorah Kwock
Wind Power on the Big Island of Hawai'i

Alison LeFlore
Using Building Permit Data to Track Gentrification in Austin

Eric Zhi Li
Gentrification Trends in Transit-Oriented Communities, Boston

Kimberly Lyon
Vulnerability Analysis for Deforestation in Limon, Costa Rica

Ian Macellan
Siting Geothermal Power Plants in Idaho

Bethany Marron
Factors that Increase Women's Risk of HIV

John Mason
Subsidence in the Orleans Parish, Louisiana

Kate Merriam
Determining Indiana's Vulnerability to Tornado Impact

Tracy Migdalia
A Demographic Analysis of Two Disparate Neighborhoods

Jay Monty
Suitability Analysis for Commuter Rail Expansion

Michelle Moon
Habitat Matrix: Mystic Watershed

Sarah Moser
Gentrification in New York City, 1960-1999

Lucy Myles
Regional Food Hub Suitability Analysis

Dan Nally
Moving Mountaintops: Monitoring Surface Mine Expansion

Conor Ofsthun
Mass Wasting Susceptibility: Pennsylvania Highways

Jessica Oh
Species Conservation Priority Analysis in South Shore, MA

Nnenna Okoye
Suitability Analysis for a New Community Health Center in Chicago

Yeonijung Park
Operational Process of Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) Business

Jessie Partridge
Accessing Dorchester's Coastal Trails

Jeremy Strauss
Transportation Access

Cassie Pastorelle
Decreased Acidity of Precipitation in New England

Jessie Pearl
Ground Source Heat Implementation in Massachusetts

Hans Enge Wenger, Melissa Reifers, and Lucy Perkins
Somerville Communities Near I-93

Max Pinto
Urban Land Use of the Merrimack and Parker Watershed

David Quinn
Building Permits Surrounding the Balcones Canyonlands

Jenette Rebecchi
Build-Out Analysis of the City of Marlborough, MA

Blake Roberts
Open Space in Chelsea, MA: Exploring Accessibility & Use

Alyssa Rosen
Vacant Lot Reuse Analysis of Providence, Rhode Island

Turkan Burcin Baltacioglu
Rising Sea Level, Rising Danger for Logan Airport

Briana Seapy
Water Resource Vulnerability: Gunnison River Basin, Colorado

Joanna Sebick
Water Contamination Risk Associated with Hydraulic Fracturing

Roz Sewell
Population Movement & Accuracy of Information--Ushahidi, Haiti

Sally Sharrow
Geographic Opportunity in Albuquerque, NM

Marianne Smallwood
Areas of Vulnerability to Sea-level Rises in Vietnam's Mekong Delta

Andrew Smyth
Seattle on Foot: A Walkability Analysis

Sejal Soni
Establishing a Marine Protected Area: Corn Islands, Nicaragua

Rowan Spivey
Access to Rapid Transit in Greater Boston

Swetha Sridharan
Urbanization in Mongolia: 1999-2002 Winter Storms

Emily Starck
Opportunity Mapping Technique Demonstration in Philadelphia

Elizabeth Sullivan
Maluku, Indonesia 2000-2003 Conflict Intensity Mapping

Natalie Susmann
GIS of Murex Dye Production Sites

Jongwai Tommee
Supermarket Networks in Greater Boston Area

Vanessa Vidal
Crime Change Along the U.S.-Mexico Border

James Voorhis
A Study of Weathering on the Cannon Mountain Big Wall

Kirsten Wallerstedt
Chinese Investment in Africa: Good or Bad?

Jeremy White
Geographic Indicators of Maternal Death Rates in Cambodia

John Whitehead
Vegetation and Water Change on the Tibetan Plateau

Melissa Woods
Further Understanding the Mass Audubon Community

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