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Online Teaching Resources

Below is a collection of online teaching resources and educational materials that include tutorials, how-to instructions, tip sheets, useful links, etc. 

Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science (CSIS) GIS Cook Book
A Collection of step-by-step instructions for beginning with ArcMap and starting a spatial analysis project. CSISS is a great source of educational materials for social scientists interested in spatial analysis.

ESRI GIS For Schools
ESRI's education portal with a variety of lesson plans, demos, literature, software availability, etc.

Tufts GIS Center
The site includes online tutorials and tip sheets, as well as examples of GIS applications and research and links to Tufts GIS courses

GeoCommunity GIS Tutorials
A variety of GIS tutorials, tips, how-to documents/instructions.

GIS Manual at the Harvard Design School by Paul Cote
This online manual contains numerous GIS tutorials for working with GIS in a planning and design capacity.

All About GPS
Trimble's tutorial about the basics of GPS

Sam Wormley's GPS Tutorials
A guide to useful GPS tutorials, tips, and sites.

Claremont's Guide to GPS Data Collection

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