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Welcome to the GIS for International Applications wiki. This is your main portal for course materials. This course will focus on introducing students to the use of geographic information systems for applications in the international arena.

Course overview, objectives, and grading

This course meets Tuesdays/Thursdays from 8:15-9:30am in the Mugar Computer Lab

Instructors:Patrick Florance and Barbara Parmenter

Patrick's office: 16 Dearborn Road 

  • By appointment: email Patrick

Barbara's office: 72 Professors Row
Barbara's Mugar Lab Hours:

  • Tuesday/Thursday 9:30-10:30am
  • By appointment: e-mail Barbara

Teaching assistant: Gabrielle Gareau

Gabrielle's Lab Hours: 

  • Tuesday/Thursday 9:30-12:30

Schedule of readings, labs, and assignments

(note: the schedule may be updated as needed so please check back regularly)

Student Work Zone

Post your assignments in the work zone

Class Powerpoints

you must log in to see this page - provides access to powerpoints used in the class

GIS Help, Tips and Tutorials

Tutorials and tip sheets we use in class can be found here, as well as online help links

GIS Research Examples

Use this to explore GIS research and application areas

GIS Online Data Resources

Our Tufts guide to online data resources, by subject, geographic area, and data clearing house.

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