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Negative Numbers

Third Grade Lessons
  1. Multiple Number Lines - Students continue to learn that two partial changes that start at different points on the number line are equivalent. At the end, they will work with notation for variables (N + 5 - 3 or N + 2).
  2. N-Number Line I - Students work with the table they built in the previous class for multiple number lines, focusing on the notation for variables (N + 5 - 3 or N + 2).
  3. Number Line - Locations - Students place themselves at points on the number line. Main contexts: stairs, age, money, temperature, and pure number.
  4. Number Line Shortcuts - The students will use a number line to see how two addends or subtrahends are equivalent to one single change once combined.
  5. Partial and Total Changes - Students learn that two partial changes are equivalent to a single total change. On the number line, this corresponds to the idea of a shortcut. Three notations are emphasized: words, number lines with hopping arrows, and numerical expressions.
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